It Took Him Over 35 Years, But What He Did With Thousands Of Toothpicks Will Leave You STUNNED

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toothp   When people make art out of household products, sometimes the results can be less than fantastic.

But this particular work of art  is absolutely mind-blowing.

The first interesting thing about this project is that it is made entirely out of tiny wooden toothpicks. This must have taken the artist forever to build!

In fact, it took him over 35 years to create this intricate display. His name is Scott Weaver, and while there may be larger toothpick sculptures, his is by far the most detailed I have ever seen. It even has a windmill that rotates!

The display includes a lot of real places, like the Golden Gate Bridge and the San Francisco Giants stadium. It also has some fantasy-based elements as well, including a dragon!

He uses ping pong balls as tour guides, showing the variety of elements running through the project – the ping pong balls start at the top and slowly make their way through the world Weaver has created for himself.

Check out the video to learn more about Weaver and to see this incredible kinetic sculpture in action!

Via:  American Overlook

Okay it's your turn... buy some toothpicks, and share your designs  ;)

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