From Logs To Furniture - One Man's Amazing Cedar Creations

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Oklahoma farmers know the cedars to be pests.  They drink too much water, and deplete the water table so the crops can't grow properly. They grow up quickly and spontaneously everywhere, so they are quite often bulldozed into a burn pile and burned up.  It's all about dollars, and for many, there's not enough dollars in the wood to be worth saving.  602421 385144431570370 569426802 nBrian Rowe is a one man sawmill operation.  He spends his days trying to stay ahead of the burnpiles and beg for the opportunity to come save the wood for his handwork.  He admits it's hard to make a living when you don't get paid to haul the trees off, but he's not interested in cutting down forests.  He's interested in giving them a second life. 

Here I've updated this post with some of his recent work.  If you'd like something like this shipped out, or would like to pick them up in Oklahoma, that can be arranged.  He does all sorts of custom work:


He says it takes more work to make Mader than a king size bed, but it sure looks good!



Nothing like a great looking finish on a custom bench!







After seeing this great design, he's been waiting for just the right wood to make one of his own


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