Meet The Doctor Who Cures The Blind In 5 minutes

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my mission is to learn how best I can restore the sight for others, and how I can help others to do that multiply that effect with training. I’m trying to set up other centers around the world,” he says.

At first, skeptics mocked his innovations. But in June 2006, when Dr. Ruit was awarded with the Ramon Magsaysay Award, the West started noticing him. In January 2007, when the American Journal of Ophthalmology published a study of a randomized trial finding that Dr. Ruit’s technique had exactly the same outcome (98 percent success at a six-month follow-up) as the Western machines but at a faster and cheaper rate, he was finally taken seriously.

In May 2007, Dr. Ruit was appointed an Honorary Officer of the Order of Australia, “for service to humanity by establishing eye care services in Nepal and surrounding countries, and for his work in teaching and training surgeons, and technical innovation”.

According to the World Health Organization, an estimated 39 million people are blind worldwide. Of these, around 90% live in low-income areas and 80% suffer from conditions that can be prevented or cured. For some of these unfortunate people, Dr. Ruit has proved to be the God of Sight.

Dr. Sanduk Ruit along with Dr. Geoffrey Tabin also founded the Himalayan Cataract Project in 1995 to eradicate unnecessary blindness in the mountainous Himalayas. It has since spread far beyond the Himalayas – the HCP now funds and facilitates education, training, and equipment for local eye-care professionals across Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa. Together with its partners, the HCP has screened and examined over 5.2 million patients from 16 countries and has overseen around 500,000 low-cost, high-quality cataract surgeries.

“Dr. Ruit was the first doctor to put lenses in poor persons in the developing world. Nobody has restored sight to as many people,” Dr. Tabin told The New York Times.

When asked what it feels like to watch as a patient sees the world clearly the first time, he told CNN, It really recharges you and makes you move forward.”   by Vandita


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