Help Detox Your Liver With Raisins

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The Liver is the bodies biochemical lab, the one with the most complex processes. It is the one responsible for the elimination of the toxins produced, often, the consumption of excess medication, an inadequate diet, bacteria infections and viruses, all of which pose a threat to the health of the liver.

Method to clean and detox your liver with raisins.

Detoxing the liver with raisins will allow our bodies to release toxins and stimulate digestion. A clean liver brings health, vitality, energy, playing an important part in the maintenance of all the organs that depend on it for its health an optimal performance.

How to Choose the best raisin: Choose the best quality raisins, preferably organic. Make sure they are the dark kind with no luster (they haven't been gassed), wrinkled, not crushed, semi soft. The best raisins are the ones still in the vine, indicating they were naturally harvested and dried.


Step 1.- In the morning place half a cup of raisins in warm water. After 15 minutes rinse them with clean water.

Step 2.- Place the washed raisins in a cup and fill them to the top with boiling water, and let them cool for 24 hours

Step 3.- The next morning on an empty stomach drink that liquid and eat those raisins. Lay on a bed or a couch for 1.5 to 2 hours, applying a warm towel or a warm bottle on the right side of your abdomen (where you liver is located)


Do this procedure once a week, for a month, twice a year.  Try and maintain a healthy diet, eating lots of veggies and reducing your meat intake, dairy, white flours, fried foods, processed foods, and foods high in sodium, especially when going through the detox process.

Start taking care of yourself by changing your eating habits and diet. Know where your food comes from, choose organic when you can. If you choose to eat meat, make sure it is grass fed for red meat, or organic free range for chickens. 

This article is not meant to substitute medical advice, consult your physician before starting any treatment.

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