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We have all have found ourselves battling dandruff at one point in our lives. That white flaky annoying stuff that clings to our clothes or that itchy scalp that drives us crazy.

Natural remedies have been used for many thousands of years. It wasn’t until the explosion in pharmaceutical medicine that the western world largely stopped using them.

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However natural treatments are back:

The World Health organisation estimates that 80% of the world relies on herbal medicines as part of their primary health care [1]. The herbal supplements market is forecast to reach $107 billion by the year 2017 globally. In Germany alone approx. 1 billion Euros were spent on herbal medicine[2]. This corresponds to ~20% of the total expenditure on OTC drugs.

Consumer habits are changing as we become more aware of what we are putting on our bodies. The demand is very real.

Regular readers of this site will know that we normally concentrate our efforts on finding the best medicated dandruff shampoos. However, we watched the no-poo movement with a great deal of interest. The no-poo treatments don't contain the contact allergens and other harsh chemicals we know the manufacturers frequently add to shampoos.

This appealed a great deal and fitted well with our philosophy of recommending only the gentlest but effective shampoos.

A couple of months ago I came upon an article on the medicinal power of honey. Further research revealed there is a whole movement of clinical research into herbal and natural alternatives to traditional medicine; much of it of great interest to us dandruff sufferers. We decided to bring it all together.

Read through this article as we introduce natural remedies, deconstructing them as we would a medicated shampoo, showing the scientific basis for the treatment while outlining the conditions they are best suited for.

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