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Cavities often cause tooth pain, and you get cavities from bacteria in the mouth that are thriving on sugary and starchy foods that cling to teeth and gums. The bacteria produce acids that damage your teeth, and when the damage reaches a nerve, misery sets in. But there can be other causes as well—a filling that’s come loose, a cracked tooth, an abscess (a pocket of infection at the gum line), or a sinus condition. Any infection that reaches the root is sure to cause pain.

Get an instant relief from the severe tooth pain with our hand picked natural home remedies for toothache & Find a perfect toothache remedy that relieves your suffering.

“Loves conquer all things except poverty and toothache.” Mae West was right about her thoughts.  Even love cant able to conquer the toothache. During my medical practice; in my village it was not surprising to me to get a phone call at midnight from a patient who got excruciating toothache and wasn’t aware about many home remedies that he can able to use to relieve pain.

Toothache is one of the most severe pains that our body can experience. (Labour pain is more severe than toothache; hats off to all ladies that bear all that pain.) In some people toothache remains constant while in some, it comes and goes as pressure & extreme of heats has been applied to teeth.

How to Prevent Toothache?

It is always better to prevent toothache than seeking cure later. Toothache can be avoided by keeping your teeth and gums healthy. Brush your tooth twice a day using good toothpaste recommended by your dentist. Avoid eating sugary food products more than twice a day. Visit your dentist often and seek dental advice, this way your dentist can catch your dental problem in its primary stage. Some people have dental phobia & avoid visiting dentist, which is also a reason for un-healthy tooth.

Toothache occurs mainly because of inflamed nerve endings which are most commonly resulted by compromised enamel of teeth. Demineralization (losing minerals from your teeth) of enamel allows food particles to enter in pulp which irritates your nerves giving you excruciating toothache.

There might be several reasons for toothache –

  1. Decayed Tooth
  2. Bacterial Infection of Gum
  3. Tooth Abscess
  4. Fracture of tooth or old filling gets damaged.

These are few common causes that end giving you sever, excruciating and throbbing pain in dental area. Many time toothaches accompanies with fever, swollen gums and foul smelling drainage from decayed tooth. If we can able to avoid above condition there will be very less chances that we will ever experience the toothache.

It will be bad experience if you get toothache in the night and don’t have easy access to doctor to get an analgesic injection to relieve your pain instantly. In such cases few home remedies can help you out to get rid of these throbbing toothaches instantly. Few of them thought to me by my grandmother while many of them directly came from the patients who tried many home remedies to relieve their pain and few of them gave them good results. (Never forget that ever toothache is a symptom of underlying un-healthy condition of corresponding tooth or gums, if you fail to treat that condition you will keep getting the toothache. So get your dentist appointment as soon as possible. These remedies should not be practised for children’s  & pregnant women)

Remedy for Toothache Relief –

1. Over The Counter Analgesic Pills 

Don’t give surprised look to see the OTC pills on the top of the list. Though they are not an ideal home remedies for your dental pain they work like a magic bullet. Look if your first aid box has some analgesic or not before you actually try something else. They are good to relieve your pain, soreness as well as can help your body to relieve gum selling by lowering inflammation of gums. If you have any allergic history to them it is better to avoid them and you should never have them without your doctor’s permission.

2. Salt Water 

This is one of the most common home remedies till the date that really helps people to get rid of toothache by working as anti-bacterial agent. Take a glassful of warm water and add two to three tablespoons of salt. Stir well and rinse your teeth with this salt water (as you do with mouthwash), don’t swallow it. Repeat the procedure for three to four times within span of few hours.

Sometime toothache is direct result of decayed root canal which exposes nerves to environment. These nerves are sensitive to the heat as well as cold. Then it becomes difficult to treat this toothache with salt water. As you rinse the mouth with warm water pain may become worse than before. In such cases you can directly apply salt to the painful teeth and allow that salt to sit there for next few minutes, and then wash it out with plain water.

While you rinse teeth with salt water try to avoid drinking it mistakenly. Salt water can make you throw up easily.

3. Baking Soda & Water 

Baking soda can be found in every kitchen and makes a perfect fit in our home remedies list. Baking soda reduces acidic environmental in tooth cavity which results into relieving your pain for short time.

Take 2 – 3 spoon of baking soda in glassful water, stir well and swish your painful teeth with it. Then hold the solution in mouth for few seconds then spit it put. Repeat the procedure for few times.

This will relieve your suffering for short period but pain will come back after half an hour.

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