Modular New York homes: a blueprint for post-disaster housing

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Developed for the New York City Office of Emergency Management, the modular housing is designed by Garrison Architects to be installed within 15 hours on any site, giving displaced city residents a temporary home without asking them to leave their community.

"The beauty of the units lies in their inherent flexibility. They can be stacked like legos to create row housing, or they can be interspersed between existing homes and structures," he said.

"These modules aren't just for New York City – they were designed to meet the strictest zoning requirements in the US, meaning they can be quickly deployed to any corner of the country."

"Aside from the basics of providing shelter after a disaster, the prototype is innovative because it allows residents to remain within their communities instead of being displaced for months, or even years," he explained.

"'Shelter in place' allows residents to maintain their support networks – their friends and their families. Keeping neighbourhoods intact is crucial for successful rebuilding.".

"We spent months honing all of the technical details for the prototype," said Garrison. "Now it is time to investigate the intricate details of living in the units full time."

"New York City represents the best in urban living and this opportunity will lead to faster recovery times should the need arise," added AMSS director Franklin Cox.

Photography is by Andrew Rugge, archphoto / by Dezeen

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