Top 22 Hidden Threats To a Child's/Infant's Health

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We live our daily lives not really aware of all the things that can harm us, of all the chemicals that we are surrounded by. We do things without questioning the why's or the what for's, we just do them because it's expected of us, or because it's what everybody else is doing. Children's lives are being compromised by these factors. I don't want to say with this that parents don't love their children and don't want the best for them. What I'm saying is that every day conveniences and comfort have taken the place of real nourishment and health awareness.

In the list below we can find some of these hidden factors that put children's health at risk, followed by a link to some must read articles. I hope it provides some good information to you and your family. Remember knowledge is power. Cut the strings of a life that binds you to despair and uncertainty.

by Jason Christoff / via Facebook

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