How Cherokee Make Aspirin from a Willow Tree

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Robert Graves reveals the way his Cherokee Ancestors made Aspirin From A Willow Tree:

How to make a crude form of aspirin from the bark of a willow tree. It is a great remedy for headaches, hangovers, and other minor pain. The use of the willow tree as a mild pain reliever goes back to my Cherokee ancestors, who used it in much the same

Step 1: Learn to Identify Willow Trees, and NEVER use a plant medicine unless you are 100% sure.....There are basically four types of Willow trees.....White, Black, Golden, and Weeping Willow..... aspirin is a chemical called acetylsalicylic acid.
Step 2: Cut a Square of Bark... cut through both the outer bark and the inner bark.( 4 by 4 square) The tree will will heal rather quickly..
Step 3: Making Willow Tea ....put pieces of bark on a coffee filter and boil, keep an eye on the color of the water. It will slowly begin to take on a deep reddish-brown color, almost like the color of blood..(about 20 minutes " Don’t overcook ").....

Step 4: filter into a cup/glass and drink, All you have to do now is add some sugar (if you want to) and drink the stuff.
You might be surprised when you find out that it tastes pretty good.

According to indian lore and personal experience, this treatment will provide quick relief for minor aches and pains, but it has the advantage of being 100% free and 100% natural.

via Robert Graves

Now watch as survival Lilly show's us her techniques:

(precautions:  No data has been offered about safety or side effects, and this story has been republished for entertainment purposes only.  Do your own research as to the validity of the claims made above.)

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