With Horses' Help, Army Veteran Finds Healing in Yellowstone

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Seeking healing for his depression and PTSD through horses and wilderness, combat veteran Ray Knell set off on a 1,000-mile journey on the Continental Divide. Watch his story, set in the grandeur of Yellowstone National Park.

Green Beret and Army veteran Ray Knell was a broken man with PTSD and severe anxiety when he returned home from Afghanistan. His trust in humans was gone. A friend introduced him to backcountry horsemanship, and the wilderness and animal relationship gave him hope and peace of mind. To inspire others to use wilderness and horses to overcome their struggles, Knell embarked on a 1,000-mile ride along the Continental Divide with Mustang Sally and two mules, Top Gun and Magic. Filmmaker Ben Masters joined Knell through Yellowstone to see the grandeur of our country’s first national park and to witness the importance of conserving wilderness to heal ourselves.

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