$11,000 and 1 Year: Off-Grid in an Oregon Forest

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Almost every piece of this home was salvaged locally, and all the timber was milled on-site by Schulz. All the windows were $40 from a local dump, the French doors were found on Craigslist, and the counters are live-edge walnut slabs milled off a tree. Most of the $11,000 cost went to concrete, shakes, and insulation, and the tiny home was completed in a year and a half in Schulz's spare time.

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Here's what the owner had to say about his home.

A couple years ago I found a neat little brass sink at the local recycle center.   Enamored of shiny objects,  I coveted it's golden glow,  entirely aware of the fact that I had no use for such a thing.   I wandered around for an hour or so with it in my hand,  looking at other stuff,  relalizing that if I took it I'd have to build a home for it.   I eventually brought it up to the register and started planning my house on the drive home.

Yes,  I am serious,  and don't call me shirley.

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