1814 Stone Swiss House Updated To High Energy Standards

Categories: Homes / Dwellings

This beautiful 1814 stone house in the Swiss mountains has been carefully restored by Savioz Fabrizzi Architects, bringing it up to contemporary standards while retaining its historical charm. The home's exteriors were left almost untouched, but a number of energy-efficient upgrades helped the home to achieve the Swiss Minergie energy conservation standard.

To help make the interiors match the home’s stone-faced exterior, new exposed concrete walls and polished screed floors. The added materials match the grey shade while only a few elements like the kitchen aisle ad a hint of color to the interiors. A layer of concrete and foamed recycled glass (Misapor) was used to provide thermal insulation, and 75 square feet of solar panels were installed on the roof.

The former window openings were retained and some new larger ones were added to increase natural light and views into the mountains. The combination of good thermal insulation, controlled ventilation and solar energy helped the house to achieve the Swiss Minergie energy conservation standard. In harmony with its surroundings, this renovated stone house keeps its original character while keeping up with new technologies.

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