1966 Airstream transformation: Tiny Home for a young family

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Hello, we are the Peterson family! We chronicle our journey towards a simple, intentional life. A journey that lead us to audit our lifestyle and question what we were spending our time, talents and treasure on. 

After 5 years of marriage while awaiting the arrival of our first child our lives consisted of: 

  • Working long hours with little energy left over at the end of the day
  • Little time to pursue hobbies and passions
  • Rarely seeing extended family
  • Consumer debt with little monthly progress
  • Paychecks went to fill our lives with random & futile S-T-U-F-F 

As we began to dream about what we wanted our lives to look like we saw: 

  • More time and energy for our growing family
  • Shae having the opportunity to stay at home with our kid(s)
  • Space to pursue our passions with work we loved
  • The freedom to travel and explore
  • Enjoying rich community with friends and family
  • The financial freedom to give to others and pursue our dreams 

There were many obvious obstacles between the life we dreamed of and our present existence. We needed to make some major life edits to start living our dreams…so we wrote down each of the obstacles then used this as a checklist for what we needed to accomplish. Next, we got to work! This led us to: 

  • Minimize our Expenses and Get Frugal
  • Get on a Monthly Budget
  • Ruthlessly Pay Off Debt
  • Save! Save! Save!
  • Sort, Sell and Purge 95% of our Stuff
  • Purchase, Remodel & Inhabit a Vintage Airstream 
  • Make the Airstream Off-Grid with Sustainable Solutions like a small wood stove & Composting Toilet
  • Abandon a Steady Paycheck + Benefits
  • Pay the Bills with Work We are Passionate About & is Flexible
  • Set Sail (Hit the Road) to Spend Time with People We Love
  • Start Spending our Time, Talents & Treasure – Intentionally! 

We hope our journey will inspire you to find & embark on your own simple intentional path! While life is still full of challenges we are not looking back! Join us in Livin’ Lightly!

Welcome to our original (before the reno) 1966 26′ Airstream Overlander. Its a rear-bath, double bed model with the kitchen on the passenger side. We found in on Craigslist.com priced at $2750. The Ads went something like this, “66 Airstream, clean inside and out. Complete – everything works!” 

We had casually shopped for trailers over the past few months and everything we had seen was J-U-N-K! So when we saw this trailer we were impressed…it appeared to be in pretty good shape and complete as described. I tried to feel out a lower price but as we looked at the trailer the owner had several calls on it and a guy chomping at the bit to come pick it up from Seattle. At the time I was glad we were first in line. Needless to say with all the interest he was firm on the price – which seemed to be a pretty good price based on what we had looked at in the past. 

So these pictures were taken after towing the Land Yatch home and after a good cleaning / purging the PO (previous owners) goods. (The sweet wolf blanket, pillow and sunflower curtain pictured was one of the PO treasures we inherited)


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