21st Century Flintstones: Inside the Mountain Caves Where Gypsies Live in Houses That Look Like Hobbit Holes

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Matthew Karsten is a photographer and a travel blogger, while globetrotting in Grenada he visited a Gypsy community where he spent a night in the caves. Most of these caves have electricity and gadgets and they are also powered either from solas panels or from grid energy that has been wired in. There are around 40 people that call Sacromonte's gypsy neighborhood their full-time home.

In this article found via DailyMail you can find the full story and wonderful pictures.

Here is a preview:

"High in the hills above the picturesque Spanish city of Granada is a gypsy community who live in makeshift homes in caves.

Around 30-40 individuals call Sacromonte’s gypsy neighbourhood their full-time home, although the camp regularly welcomes other nomads and travellers who wish to stay there temporarily.

Photographer and travel blogger Matthew Karsten decided to visit the settlement and even spent a night in the mountains learning about their off-the-grid way of life."

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