40 Acre Off-Gridders Dream In The Great Northwest

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Every day a new view, a new sunrise is painted across the horizon

5 fenced acres of land, and another 35 un-fenced acres:

Operating the home consists of regular propane deliveries.  There is a propane backup generator that kicks on to top off the battery.  There is a large forklift battery that charges up pretty quickly. The wind turbines typically make up a good portion of the energy in Spring and Summer during windy seasons, but are currently in need of a little maintenance.  The generator kicks on more in winter than any other time of year.  The stove is propane, as is the central heating system.  If you use the pellet stove more, then propane can be conserved.  

The location is about 13 miles from the Columbia River Gorge

The roads are paved in the area up to 2 miles from the farm

This photo below is prior to the new wrap-around porch addition and paint.  The home and garage are yellow now.  Current photos to follow soon.  

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