A Tree House That Is Both A Hotel And A Natural Sanctuary

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Seven years ago the founders of Finca Bellavista Mateo along with Erica Hogan, visited for the first time the property that would turn today into their home away from home. This construction is located in the heights of the tropical forest in Costa Rica, surrounded by foliage and all kinds of plants and animals. This hideout is built along the tops of the trees, like a sanctuary in the middle of a sancturary.

With the idea of creating a true self sustained community, the project started by buying the land with that idea of sustainability in mind. The name is inspired by the picturesque river called Bellavista, with beautiful white waters, surrounded by abundant green where people can take a daily plunge and enjoy its currents.

Their goal was to integrate the structure in the landscape, the tree tops create the border of these structures where people can stay and live different experiences surrounded by nature and Costa Rica's beautiful spaces.

The complex is situated in a pristine area of the country, away from city noise. The closest village is a mile and a half away, and it only has one school, a church, a bar, a bus stop, a hand full of homes and a soccer field.  They have comited to looking after the forest and administer the land and the surrounding environment, in a pursuit to interact with the ecosystem in a more careful and conscious manner

Every building is connected by Zip lines and bridges. The main group of people live and work the land, while the guests enjoy the surroundings. They are part of an eco-friendly line of hotels.

The are almost 100% self sufficient and self sustaining. The hotel has a dinning room, living room, open air living area, a farm, a bath house, a camping ground, gardens for events and so on. They are still growing and building according their necessities.  The hole complex is based on permaculture principals.

Bio-digestor is used for electricity and heat. The design utilizes the cross ventilation and natural lighting as well as passive cooling and heating using natural building materials.

This way of building and way of life demonstrates how delicate the exchange between man an nature not only is possible, but that is a way where you can interact with it in a very exuberant and sustainable way.

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