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If you live in a two-story house, stairs are inevitable. But they sure do take up a lot of space — and what to do with that wedge-shaped no-man's-land underneath? A lot of houses have closets in this area, but if you want to go for something a little more creative

We have seen so many cool toilets under stairs, that we thought it was time to allocate a post to them. So here it is!

Small houses often has a staircase, and most people use it for storage, but there are other options as well.

Lets start of with the winner of “smallest under-the-staircase” toilets

It’s a great idea to use a combined toilet and sink, it the toilet is really small. The example above is a brillant example that looks stylish.

You can get very stylish combined sink and toilets. This one is from the Spanish company Roca:

The toilet seat is still opened away from the wall, and by turning the toilet 90 degrees, you get a natural access to the sink and the mirror.

The next toilet is not much bigger, but you have a separate sink /mirror area:

Here’s another nice example from another apartment around the same size:

Bath tub fitted under staircase

This is  a brillant use of space.

The space blow the first part of the staircase is practically impossible to use for other than drawers for storage.

But for many people storage is not a problem, if you have downsized a lot.

So why not place a bath tub directly below the staircase?

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