Beautiful Painted Village In Poland

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The secluded village of Zalipie in southeastern Poland is home to a charming tradition.  Over a century ago the women of the village began to paint their houses: however, it was not the single, uniform color one might expect from a traditional and conservative society.  The village, through the intricate and vibrant paintwork of its womenfolk, bloomed.


Although no one is completely sure how and when this tradition began, it dates from when the smoke from stoves escaped through little more than a hole in the ceiling of the house.  Women would paint over the spots of soot with whitewash.  Yet the spots would still be partially visible and it is believed that the women, in order for their house to appear immaculate for religious festivals, took to covering the remnants of soot stains with paintings of flowers.  Once modern cooking and better ventilation came in to practice, these cover-ups were no longer necessary.  Yet instead the flower patterns became gradually more and more sophisticated.


This may have happened spontaneously throughout the village.  Yet I like the idea of a lone woman looking around her kitchen and suddenly having her eureka moment.  Friends would visit, like what they saw and make their own versions in their own homes.  It wouldn’t take too long for this idea to spread to the outside of the houses – and that is where the friendly competition could really begin.

Image Credit Flickr User Poland MFA

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