Brilliant Home In the Canary Islands With Solar And On-Site Wind Turbines

Categories: Homes / Dwellings

Estudio José Luis Rodríguez Gil created this net zero home in the Canary Islands back in 1995, but only recently has a series of gorgeous images of this dwelling surfaced on the web. Called "House in Bioclimatic Experimental Urbanization", the 120 square meter plywood residence was carefully designed to optimize the efficiency of its rooftop solar panels, while a basalt stone wall provides protection from the sun and wind.

Using only locally-sourced materials such as stone and basalt insulation, in addition to certified timber, this home has a very small carbon footprint. This same material menu allows it to mesh with the rather stark natural environment as well, keeping its visual impact to a minimum. (Although the same can’t be said for a series of on-site wind turbines.)

Long before it was fashionable to do so, the client commissioned a design that would be completely self-sufficient and produce zero carbon emissions. The turbines are crucial to this goal, as are the photovoltaic panels. Meanwhile, the carefully chosen building materials maximize energy efficiency, and interior decorating keeps brings the warmth of Spain indoors.

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