Partially Submerged Modern Homes In Paraguay Are Both Efficient And Stunning!

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Wherever you may live, people develop a perspective of other parts of the world in school through books or maps they might have seen or studied.  The past twenty years has been a crash course to the whole world discovering through photos and videos online what the rest of the world is really like.  Those of us from the U.S. might have pictured homes from Paraguay to look like this:

Or maybe like this:

But when you take traditional understanding of mud or cob construction, go off to college and study architecture, and  then apply the principles of modern technology to this upbringing where earthen homes and their efficiency is a prominent feature of what a home should offer, then your new home designs might look something like this:

Architect Aldo Cristaldo has built this fantastic partially submerged atrium style home filled with glass, yet shaded by the earth and an arch-top roof.  It's style is undeniably modern, yet its functionality is no less efficient than traditional earthen homes.  

Partially underground with arching green roofs, a sharp triangular swimming pool and unusual architecture, these two homes (named Green Haven) are located in Luque and designed by Paraguay-based architects Bauen.

The below article courtesy of Bauen Architects (taken from their own translation so the content and punctuation may seem wonky):
We design in an exposed and desolate plane, no limits shown. For this reason we fold the base plane and we generate the “refuge”. We understand that the main feature of dwellings is care, and the essence of building is letting dwell*. Keeping the space from the popping of any foreign object but for

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