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This tiny 130 sq foot woodland house in the Dordogne, France is home to Menthé a French journeyman carpenter. He lives a simple happy life together with other carpenters in the woods. They work together under the name of copeaux cabana (wood chip cabins). The home has a curved roof inspired by the 16th century architect Philibert de l'Orme. Watch the video guided tour below:

When Philibert de l'Orme designed this type of roof it had many advantages over the architecture of the time. It removed the vertical columns and horizontal tie beams creating more space. The lighter structure reduced the load on the walls. The dome space was a significant increase the volume, a gain of about 50% compared to a conventional triangular profile. The cost was lower because it used about 60% less wood and because the design used less wood his buildings were less vulnerable to fire.

The home rests on timber piers standing on stones on the steep slope of the woodland floor. This provides a south facing balcony designed like the bow of a ship. The timbers are all hand hewn with axes retaining much of the natural curves of the wood.

Another of his wonderful designs: For the Bebe:




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