Build Naturally with Stone

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There are side effects of building your own #Natural#Home...

1. you will learn new skills, and that's empowering & just plain cool
2. your creativity will wake up & flourish (and possibly wake you up in the middle of the night with ideas)
3. your friends will "ooh" and "aaah" (a lot)
4. you will know how to fix anything if needed

So let's all go out there and build like we give a damn!

This photo is from Stone Inspired - dry stone walling


This was an old stone house in Rhinebeck NY that got a total rehab. The stone walls are original, and everything else is new. It would have been really easy to design this remodel to look like the many other old stone farmhouses in the area...instead, they chose to sculpt a new curvy roof. And it is precisely this unusual curvy feature that makes this home so enticing.

Dream outside the box...

for more photos see:


Devine stonework by Devine Escapes, stone art by Devin Devine


We got a quick heat bump up this past week which leads me to crave high thermal mass walls that have a net cooling effect. So if you live in a hot climate, stone or clay (cob, rammed earth, adobe) walls will help keep you comfy. If you live in a variable climate, super insulated exterior walls (strawbale or thick clay-straw) with some high thermal mass interior walls will keep you comfy all year.

If you want to learn more about the difference between insulation & thermal mass, you can read this article:

This photo is from of eye candy there...)

beautiful organic niches

 What I love about this...

...juxtaposition of warm natural wood & cool stone

...natural peeled tree trunk columns
...heavy, oversized columns, paired up, create a sense of security & shelter at the entrance
...and of course, the covered entryway (one of my design imperatives)

The photo is from

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