Building Off-Grid in Montana with Mike Reynolds: This is Awesome!

Categories: Building Methods

Not only are they building a completely sustainable off-grid home, but the construction process is off-grid as well.  When you build in the wilderness, the creativity required means generators, solar panels, vehicles with power inverters, gas powered air compressors and welders, or whatever you can come up with to power the tools you will need to build the remote location.  

Mike Reynolds is considered the father of the Earthship.  With that claim comes the right to be the bringer of sustainable modern homes.  If the sustainable movement continues forward, he will be the one the history books write about as the beginning of the change.  Watch this video where he is as he usually is... hands on in the project bringing about the change in person.  

Then if you haven't seen it, you must also watch the story of his beginnings in "The Garbage warrior" on page 2...

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