Building with Clay: Inspiring Photos of Walls, Floors & Plasters Made From Clay

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People have been building with clay for thousands of years, clay is warm, is everywhere, is inexpensive, malleable, easy to mold and work with. Clay homes are peaceful, and cozy.

little cob house in California by Rob Pollacek. The photo is from ...if you haven't yet checked out their facebook page and website, I strongly recommend it, for hours of natural building inspiration!

Interior of a #cob demonstration home built at The Hollies Centre for Sustainability in Ireland...with a masonry heater and a built-in oven above. More photos on their FB page (link above) and their website:

Here is another interior cob wall, this one separates a bathroom from the rest of a small artist & meditation studio in WV. This cob wall sits on tamped gravel & a waterproofing membrane to help eliminate any rising damp from getting into the sculpted clay wall. We also used some large stones at the very bottom of the wall, mostly to help build the base more quickly. The photo was taken by Karolina Tittel who attended several workshops.

This is a one room studio-style cottage in Thailand, built almost entirely from clay...labor intensive but free a great way build an inexpensive but stunningly beautiful home.

Available to rent:

Interior made from clay walls and bamboo roof structure, by (where they have loads more inspiring project examples of what is possible with bamboo & other natural materials.) 
Sculpted #cob living room
Here's what I love about it:
1) the scale...the size of the room is ample enough so it doesn't feel claustrophobic, but small enough for intimate conversation
2) that it is made with 100% natural materials...clay, sand & straw

photo is from Bioconstruccion
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