Building With Cob Fun With Friends Or Family

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This first video shows how easy, yet how fun it can be to work with cob.  If you work a regular 9-5 job, it's hard to take the time out of life to build this way.  This is all a part of the off-grid lifestyle, where you begin to work your way into a lifestyle of growing your own food, where the value of your time is more in what you can do with your hands to produce your living sustenance than it is working a 9-5 job away from home, and disconnected from your land.  Being a part of your land, of your home's construction... has tremendous self satisfaction and the reward of knowing where everything came from.  

 Here is a simple demonstration of what it is to work with cob.  It is simple and fun!  Try it sometime!  Locate a cob workshop near you!

 Here's a Nice Time Lapse Cob Build:

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