Concrete Building Systems

Categories: Building Methods

Attractive structures are easily built very inexpensively that will endure far into the future. One is protected from climatic extremes.

Huge radiant thermal mass gives unprecedented cozy comfort.

After originating in Colorado, CBS went to British Columbia, Canada, with the most stringent seismic building codes of anywhere on Earth.

Houses shown in these pictures were designed and built by Rob Milsted of RDM Designs in Sechelt. The panels used in the construction were of Don DeVore's patented system. The mold system and resultant panels were the work of Don DeVore and dedicated helpers.

This is the first house built in Canada using my system. I set up the shop, fabricated the molds, and was hands on manufacturing the tiles. I had one co worker, a 63 year young woman at the time. Proof of the user friendly nature of the system.

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