From Trash To ECOBLOCKS: A Sustainable Way To Recycle Waste Into Construction Building Blocks

Categories: Building Methods

Can we look at trash as a solution instead of a problem?

ECOBLOCKS are born out of a very clear and concrete idea. The need of housing for low income families. Engineer Cruz Romero, from Veracruz, Mexico, developed a product that is so necessary for construction: building blocks. But not just any building block, this are made from trash. Can you imagine the positive impact this could have on our planet, our resources, the environment? (The images follow the sequence of the Video)

The video is in Spanish, but it is pretty self explanatory. The amazing thing is that he is not looking to make a profit on this, he is sharing his experience and knowledge to teach and inspire others. The house in the video was made with this material, and compared to other traditional materials, it is very sturdy and withstands abuse and is fire resistant. 

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