Hanging Beds - How To Build With Pipe And Wood

Categories: Building Methods


Well this week I added some hanging beds into the mix, and we love them, but here's one design that's stronger and safer feeling so the kids aren't having swinging boat wars in the room and killing each other.  Bonus: No more hiding clothes under the bed when moms says it is time to clean your room.  They are actually easier than they look to make.  I promise.  The hardest part is hanging the blocking in the attic. 

Supplies Needed For 2 Beds: 
2” x 12” x 8’ (8 of them)
1” x 4” (10) for blocking in ceiling
lag bolts: a box of 2 1/2” (to attach flanges to ceilings), 1 1/2” (to attach flanges to bed) and 3” (to attach the bed together)
lag bolt drill bit

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