How They Built A Log Cabin Under $500.00 - Tale Of Adventure & Fun

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You may be wondering how in the world someone can build a log cabin for $500.00.  Well it's simple really.  If you decide you want to build, and you're too far from the store, then you'll have to learn to make due with what you can find outside.  Start with cutting down some trees. You figure out how you wanna stack 'em up.  I think everybody knows how to do this.  We all grew up with a set of Lincoln Logs, so we know if you have the notches in the right places, the logs will set neatly together.  That's about how this went...

All good things start with a plan.  Write it down and make it plain so your helpers can see what's in your head

Sometimes you have to build something so that you can build something else.  In this case, it was necessary to build a sled to get heavy logs from the forest beyond back to base camp

This is when a logger turns into a builder.  A project like this is great for people with A-D-D, because you don't have to do anything for very long.  First your a logger, then you're a builder, then you're a door and window man, a cabinet builder, a roofer, and later a landscaper and a gardener.  When you keep the project small enough, you get to do it all!

 I see Lincoln Logs!  It's coming together!


And Here's How That All Went:

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