How To Make Papercrete Blocks For Your Construction Needs

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It's green, it's cheap, and it's a solid, long lasting material to work with!


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Great, Let’s get going.


Papercrete mixer

Block molds (mine are made from 2x6s and scrap siding)




Paper (used of course)

Shredded plastic (if you want)

95 lb bag of cement (cement not concrete- no rocks or sand in the mix)


  1.  Set out your molds.  You will need enough flat space to drive over them and pull your truck and the mixer in all the way front of the molds.  

2.  Fill the mixer 3/4 full with water.   I just eyeball it.

3. Put in the paper/plastic.  I use about 75 lbs.

4.  Add the bag of cement.  You don’t need to open it,  just toss it in.

5.  Cover the mixer securely.  This is very important.  Just think of what happens when you have a blender top malfunction and multiply it by 100…  I use a canvas tarp with a cargo strap.

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