Hyperefficient Strawbale Eco Home Goes Up In Keene WV

Categories: Building Methods

When you decide to build a home, you can save a lot of money by doing it yourself, and by building it right.  It's a hard labor of many additional hours over conventional construction to build a strawbale home like this, but your energy bills with thank you for it for many years to come as by design, the home has so much passive heating and cooling capacity, it's amazing!  And when you install solar or wind power, the needs of the home are far less than other homes, so the install costs and equipment needed are much reduced.  

As you can see, this home was built with a beam support structure, and the straw-bales act primarily as a zealous insulation

As a four year endeavor, this was no small task, and the satisfaction of completion is like no other.


Here a rooftop garden is used as cooling for the home.  The conventional hot tar roofs that most homes install bring heat into a house.  The garden dispels the heat from entering the home.  

Here you can see the strawbales as the lime plaster is not yet fully applied

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