Mycotecture: Building with Mushrooms? This Inventor Says Yes

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© Philip Ross

© Philip Ross

At the exhibition, visitors were treated to a tea made out of pieces of the arch (how often can we say that about bricks?).

© Philip Ross

Ross hopes to further develop the Mycotecture project by growing an entire building for 12 to 20 people out of more complex forms of myco-material. He explains in a recentinterview that these mushroom-derived materials

... [have] the potential to be a substitute for many petroleum-based plastics. It’s left the art world and seems to have entered a Science Fiction novel or something like that. With this stuff it’s possible to go into regional production of biomaterials. For instance, here in San Francisco, we could start producing lots of local materials using this fungus and could create a pilot project of sorts.

© Philip Ross

This has exciting future implications for green building -- instead of cutting down, quarrying, hauling and processing building materials, one could have the option of growing them from scratch -- and even eating them later. What can't the humble mushroom do? More fascinating projects over at Philip Ross' website.

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