For One Man, Pallets And Bricks Began This Awesomely Practical Water Catching Shed!

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We’ve all seen them. The hundreds of blogs and Pinterest posts that show how awesome pallets are. They can be used for so many different things, yet this is the first time I’ve ever seen a pallet shed this well made! Who knew you could build an entire building out of pallets, and a shed seems like the perfect thing to use them for. Imgur user dudecalion recently added this awesome project to his feed, and we just had to share.

01 - 88y2vNf


After collecting pallets for a few months, and letting them accumulate, he decided he had enough for the project at hand. His cats were going to be sad that their little play area was about to be turned into something amazing. 

02 - ck6oDZR

He decided to put the shed on the side of his yard. There was a pretty good slope, so he had to dig deep down into the hard soil to make it an even surface for the footing. He ended up pulling out a ton of rocks too. He’s not sure what to do with the rocks, but is thinking some sort of path might work out well.03 - NhysMh7

He started off with some concrete blocks that he found for free on Craigslist. That’s quite the find and saved him a lot of cash too. The shed he had in mind was going to be 6x8x16. It is pretty big and it took awhile to collect all of the concrete blocks he needed. He ended up creating the foundation by placing them in the dirt, then he mortared them together. He put rebar into the concrete blocks in the corners and the center to create some stability for the soon to be shed. 04 - cJUwqRP


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