For One Man, Pallets And Bricks Began This Awesomely Practical Water Catching Shed!

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Once the concrete blocks were laid down for the foundation, it was time to start screwing and bolting the pallets together. He decided that the bottom piece of the pallet should be bolted into the blocks. Once the corners were tied together, it was a lot more stable than he expected. He threw a tarp overhead because he was making this in the summer and the heat was just too much. 

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He didn’t want the shed to be too tall, so he decided to cut the upper pallets in half. This prevented his neighbors from having to look at his shed, and it keeps everything within reach when it’s stored in there.
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Now that the walls are bolted into place and the upper pallets are secure, this shed is very sturdy. He was going to make the floor so it would be level with the ground, but they don’t get much rain so he decided to keep it a little lower giving him even more head clearance in the shed. 07 - 02Z7SqP

Because he did have a few pallets left over, he decided to use them for the roof too. He went for a barn style roof, mostly so the neighbors wouldn’t have to see too much of the roof. Their house is lower on their property, so this was an ideal solution. 08 - UNmazRE


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