Patterson Straw Bale Cottage Build With Much Detail

Categories: Building Methods

Patterson Straw Bale Addition:  Beals, Maine U.S.A.


pattersons strawbaleThis shows the old portion of the cottage on the right and the new part on the left in the early spring 2002. The old cottage was moved onto the new foundation in 2001. The new part was covered with plastic during the winter while it awaited the straw. The gold color of some newly placed bales is visible in the basement level of the new portion. 


A closer view of the straw bales put in place for the basement wall.


Trees were left very close to the house.


John's dog, Grover, spent considerable time helping us this summer. Behind him is the view from the house toward the ocean.


Another view of the ocean on a cloudy day.


One enters the house via the bridge which goes from the rock outcrop to the front door. One tree is inside the bridge. Here the railing is unfinished and the plastic is still in place of the walls of the house.

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