Saving Money On Stylish Counter Top Designs For Your Home

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It’s no secret that the kitchen counter top is a large focus in the home. When selecting a top you want to look for strength, elegance, stain and burn proof, as well as hygienically clean.

Different materials have different qualities but the hands down favorite is solid stone. Granite and Quartz both are “forever” counter tops. Granite gives you the strength and elegance plus a great design that attracts everyone to your kitchen. Quartz preforms just like granite but is also hygienically cleaner. Both come in almost any color and can be designed to any kitchen. 

Another great option that doesn’t get much love is the concrete counter top. This is a cheaper process but comes out looking much like solid stone.

Here is a counter top I ran into today (2/1/14) at a customers house that is absolutely awesome:

It is exceptionally smooth and functional with a stonelike beauty I just fell in love with! 

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Notice the nice smoothed by clearcoat edges that give a unique appeal.  

You can pour your concrete to any size or shape dimension which is a big plus over the use of granite!  You can go whatever thickness you need as well, so the options are limitless!

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Another plus is the factor that they managed to have a faucet installed with an extension over the stove feature in order to fill up water pots without carring back and forth to the sink.

Concrete can be made to match any color or design and also can include additives to make it hygienically clean. You also have the ability to build the sink out of concrete, this will leave a seamless flow throughout the top.



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