The Underground Prepper Hole - Ready For Anything And Comfy Too

Categories: Building Methods

I was browsing the Internet and came across a picture of a small door sticking out of the ground. Well I clicked the link and what the door lead to blew my mind.   With all of the giant tornadoes that seem to come through the midwest, and all that talk about zombies or government breakdown happening in the near future,  it looks like this is one way to deal with it. The company Atlas Survival Shelters is creating underground living spaces for those of you who want some security. They are as small or as big as you want them to be. But just make sure to get one before the danger arrives.

Here is the door I saw in the ground. It can be covered with sticks and twigs to be completely hidden. 


This is what the underground shelter looks like before they are installed. 

You can customize your shelter any way that you want to!

The shelters are buried deep into the ground for protection from anything. 

The shelters typically start with a mud room before entering the living quarters. 

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