So What's In A Shed Anyway? These People Had Some Great Ideas

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shed 9.jpgThe shed for most is a place of storing things.  But I would like to challenge you to build the shed dreams are made of.  If you have been watching our page for a while, you will notice we have highlighted about 18 or 20 different building methods in all which are a little bit out of the norm.  Why not take on a little learning project that can be much more than that!  Let's all get outside and design and build a little shed that is made of what you want to learn.  If you want to build with pallets to see how great a building you can make with them, then go for it!  If you want to learn straw bale construction, get some bales and start stacking.  See where the journey takes you!   

picture 10.jpgBuild a shed, call a guttering company and ask to go to their next removal job and haul away the old gutters.  Use them on your shed!  Check out Solar Panels on Ebay, and buy some and start learning what you need to put them up.  Install a rainwater catchment system.  Maybe clear the land before you build and experiment with earth tube heating and cooling.  There's so much you can do and learn on a tiny scale, and then you'll be ready to take on the next project of your dreams in the future.  Then take good pictures and videos and get your progress together!  I can't wait to see and share all the great things you do!  


shed 1.jpg

Shed at Linden Hill Gardens, Bucks Co, Pennsylvannia.
Constructed from reclaimed wood, doors, and windows.

shed 2.jpg

Salvaged Wood Shed
By Funky Junk Interiors.

shed 3.jpg

Multi use building with PV Cells on roof. Pallet used for garden tool storage.
Reuse of old straw bales, doors, windows, pallet, beams etc...
By Nic Robinson. Via:

shed 4.jpg

Shed built from old pallets.
By Andrea:

shed 5.jpg

Shed made out of reclaimed and recycled wood. 
A little paint gives the shed extra character.

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