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Shipping containers provided Joseph an effective, cost efficient way to stay warm from the winters in Canada.  Joseph's home keeps him safe and warm from the elements in the woods where he lives.

He bought three shipping containers from Asia for $3,400 each with 355-square feet interior space. Fortunately for Joseph, the perfect parcel of land was owned by his family nestled in the woods.The 29-year-old spent the summer of 2012 building a home out of the three shipping containers. But recently when a friend posted the photos of his abode on Reddit, it instantly went viral.

Power is supplied through solar panels on the roof of his nearby workshop. So the home is absolutely habitable.

Dupuis, who is a renewable energy researcher at Algonquin College in Ottawa, has bigger plans to make his home even more unique.

The 29-year-old plans on adding another container on top with a glass ceiling, which he intends to make his bedroom.

Meanwhile, it takes a bit of work to keep the wood chopped, and his most expensive bill is the cell phone.  His life is simple with little to maintain, and plenty of time to enjoy life!


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