Cabin In The Wild

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Whether you speak English or Russian or French, just like music is a language all its own, so is Architecture!  It doesn't matter what language you speak, the feeling one gets when seeing a building in a setting speaks to the soul!  So many of us are fixed in a location because of a career decision or family ties.  Finding the balance of what is most important at various stages of life is part of planning and charisma.  Sometimes visuals as you see here are a part of ones planning, sometimes they are just a moment of escape from the days work, so see the beauty and a moment of relaxation that others enjoy.  For some, if you cannot live in such a place, a weekend escape can work wonders to refresh the soul and take your mind off the busyness of life. Some work so hard just to take that weekend and relax.  


Pocosin Cabin near the Appalachian Trail, Shenandoah National Park, Virginia.

Contributed by Peter Sauerwein.


Cabin with an earthen roof near Folkestad, Norway.

Contributed by Nora Saparova.


Cabin built to resemble a fire lookout near Canyonville, Oregon

Contributed by Matt Housley.


Cabin in Big Sur, California.

Contributed by Shannon May Powell.



The Glass House at Candlewood Cabins, Wisconsin.


Shelter in Veliko Rujno Valley, Velebit, Croatia.

Contibuted by Filip Perai?.

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