Caretaker Requested On 140 Acres In The Ozark Mountains Near The Buffalo River

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Do you know anyone who is mature but very physically vigorous, age 55-65, approaching a transition or retirement, maybe without large SS income or assets, perhaps someone who has devoted his/her life to gardening, environmentalism and enlightened counter-cultural pursuits including sadhana; someone who would love to find an extremely high-quality permanent home with low costs?

Nearby Sweden Creek Falls


This superlative setting is the best, most beautiful place in the south central US, the Ozark mountains near the  Buffalo river and its fabulous trailheads.

  Sweden Creek viewpoint




 A large house with a huge garden is included--he/she would pay only the utilities, about  $160 with internet service, if needed.  The house is in good condition and mostly furnished.  It is old and needs

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