Caretaker Requested On 140 Acres In The Ozark Mountains Near The Buffalo River

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a protective caretaker.  This position is NOT a job for an employee.  It is for a very intelligent, independent person who has the creative smarts to see its flexible potential for his/her future--how he /she can mold the situation into a fantastic, permanent solution  to their needs.

The 140 acre property is in good condition, the result of 20 years of devotion to remedy the usual practices of it is a place for meditation, not exploitation.

We  seek someone who really wants to be rooted in place, the way all our grandparents   were...someone who knows what a  REAL PLACE   is:  valued for hundreds of years, the home of many generations including Native Americans, because of its inherant amenities.  A place where the pastures have biomorphic boundaries, for example.


Are you ready to be part of the solution, in terms of land management for climate change?  Are you ready to see land in terms of life force and feng shui, not as a commodity.

The caretaker can bring a horse or two, and on the other hand if he/she cant  use a weed eater to maintain the driveways and go after weeds here and there, we can negotiate a supplement fee for him to contribute to the fund for hiring guys to do that...but ideally the caretaker would help maintain the property  with the owner who lives in a strawbale home 1/4 mile away.   The basic seasonal chores to prevent deterioration would take only 3 or 4 hours per  week.

The caretaker must evolve an alert, responsible attitude (very different from an employee who waits to be told what to do and maybe doesnt really care, because they are temporary).

The ideal candidate is someone needing a quiet, home-centered life and someone who hates summer heat and AC  --the ground floor stays quite cool...there would be ample time and space for him to pursue his own interests and projects, such  as hiking or growing a cash crop like garlic or writing a book.

Please, only  SOLO  individuals, and no children or household pets.  More than one might be more than the septic system can handle among other things, and we don't want this to turn into a big expense.  

Please record a youtube video about yourself, your goals, needs, interests, rural experience and skills.  Include if you wish a link to your facebook page or pictures, video links.  For those who are non-techy, that's okay, send a letter with photos, and any links you would wish us to see that helps us to see who you are.

Thanks!   Rabia and Gerard.  Send it to:, and we'll be in touch with the best presentation.

*note:  photos are of nearby terrain, and not the actual property.  Rabia does not have a good way to upload digital photos, and I've helped her to put this together with photos from Google Images along Sweden Creek in the general vicinity... DW.  Here is the location of the land:

Background for the post:  Rabia had this posted locally with no response.  I reached out to her to let her know I'm sure there are so many people from my audience who would love this kind of situation.  She lost her husband several years ago, and has found herself buried in the workload of taking care of two homes on her land.  It's a stress and a strain to hire someone, but thought it could be a blessing to herself and to another to have a place if they would just keep it up.  She has an old fashioned voicemail and occasional access to internet.  I posted this up, and have had about 60 responses.  I've forwarded them to her email, and expect her to communicate with those she's most intrigued by.  Please be patient.  


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