Double-sided sticky tape is the only thing keeping this LA home together

Categories: Homes / Dwellings

Forget screws and nails, the facade of this home is held on with double-sided sticky tape. With its owner being an executive at 3M, it should come as no surprise that the home is held together with the company's high performance, double-sided tape. Designed by SPF:architects, the residence sits on a hillside in Los Angeles and boasts what is probably the first such application of 3M's extraordinary product.

Double Stick is a single-family residence that sits atop an existing flat pad and features a façade held in place by a high-performance two-sided architectural panel tape. The owner of the home was an executive of 3M, which is where this tape was developed and to our knowledge is the first application for a residential home.

The house sits within an existing development with rules restricting development to the current flat pad and limiting height to 14 feet above grade. The single story house is a rational arrangement of equal bays with private and public functions on either side of two courts that create a swath of light, water and space through the middle of the building. A clerestory running east-west brings south and north light into the galleries and secondary spaces, while a 25 foot cantilevered trellis protects the southern patio and pool from neighbors above and frames sweeping uninterrupted views of the Los Angeles Basin to the south.

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