Earning Their Crust: Couple Quit Their Jobs to Sell Pizza From a Boat in Paradise

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  • Couple Tara and Sasha had a dream to sail the Virgin Islands while making a living selling tasty pizza
  • Yacht Pizza Pi, based in St Thomas, has been open for business since 2014, selling up to 90 pizzas a day
  • They sell a range of options to any boat that moors up alongside, and have secured a five-star TripAdvisor rating


One couple decided to quit the rat race to live the ultimate dream - to open a pizza boat in the stunning Caribbean ocean.

What's more, the quirky eatery has gained an army of fans who have rated it as the top restaurant in the area.

If that wasn't good enough, pizza lovers Tara and Sasha Bouis, originally from Indiana and Manhattan respectively, even do deliveries.

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Pizza the action: The couple, who are expecting a baby in December, sell pizzas to any sailors who pull up alongside

Pizza Pi, run by former teacher Tara, and her husband Sasha, have been selling pizza in the St Thomas area since 2014

Water superb idea: The couple stand proudly on their colourful boat while it's moored


Tara Bouis is all smiles in the Caribbean sun

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