Eco-Friendly floating prefab homes

Categories: Homes / Dwellings

Aside from the lush, mountainous landscape and famous River Kwai Bridge, Kanchanaburi is well known for its floating houses and rafts. Floating on the river, these distinctive structures greatly differentiate Kanchanaburi from any other provinces in Thailand. X-Float is a creation that enhances the fascination of the River Kwai’s floating houses with a different paradigm of design and comfort. The unique accommodation is designed in addition to the Project X2 River Kwai Resort.

X-Float’s design resembles a volumetric evolution of a raft, a primitive man-made floating platform, from 2 dimensional to 3 dimensional – to a livable unit. This makes X-Float a crossbreed of vernacular and modern architecture.


Are you dreaming of a warm tropical getaway? Feast your eyes on these gorgeous prefab holiday homes floating in Kanchanaburi, Thailand. Architecture firm agaligo studio crafted the lightweight, eco-friendly X-Float structures as an addition to the Project X2 River Kwai Resort. Set atop the famous River Kwai, the floating homes overlook uninterrupted picturesque views of Thailand’s lush mountains and river landscape.

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