Encuentro Guadalupe: Baja's Sustainable Hotel And Wild Endemic Reserve

Categories: Homes / Dwellings

Jorge Gracia and his partners at Gracia Studio, designed this project. It is located in Valle de Guadalupe «Mexico’s Wine Country», Baja California, Endémico Resguardo Silvestre (Wild Endemic Reserve) is a set of twenty independent rooms of twenty square meters each, operated by Grupo Habita, a Design Hotels member; established within a surface of 99 hectares, part of the Encuentro Guadalupe development, which includes a winery as well as a residential area.

One of the principal premises was not to interfere directly the land, as part of the philosophy of the project is to respect nature in every possible way. The availability of steel by our client lead to the design of the clean structure with this material, which elevates the skeleton of the room, named EcoLoft, to avoid contact with the soil. The employment of corten steel to cover it, which over time changes its color, achieving harmony between the environment and the building.

The approach of the design of the room comes from the concept of a “deluxe” camping house, covering the guest’s basic needs, being in contact with nature and the environment.

20 rooms of 20 square meters each.

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