Exotic solar and wind-powered Bangkok Tree House resort is a masterpiece of sustainable design

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Located a few miles from the bustling streets of central Bangkok, this eco-friendly resort pushes the limits of sustainable passive design. Its sustainability features are endless, including LED lighting powered by solar and wind energy, solar cookers, rainwater harvesting, floors, as well as walls and ceilings built from reclaimed wood and bamboo and insulated with discarded juice cartons. The hotel and restaurant complex named The Bangkok Tree House, was conceived by 36-year-old Jirayu (Joey) Tulyanond, who wanted to see how far can one go to create a comfortable retreat relying on sustainable design. It turns out, pretty darn far - hit the jump for a closer look.


The complex sits on the banks of the Chao Phraya River, just beyond Bangkok‘s city limit. It is an eco-masterpiece conceived by the son of a Bangkok hotelier. The 12-room boutique hotel might not be the best environment for families with toddlers or the elderly with disabilities, since the complex has numerous stairs and semi-levels. Those who don’t mind having an occasional run in with a bug are welcome, and the hotel management has introduced a special discount for those who arrive on bikes, along with the use of a bike repair workshop.

Despite the rustic feel of the space, the hotel does offer all the tech-friendly amenities-computers, free wireless access and other common appliances. The LED-lit rooms are named after and decorated with different types of insects, which is meant to reflect the owner’s deep appreciation for nature. The hotel’s dedication to supporting eco-friendly causes is demonstrated by the fact that The Tree House has pledged to remove a kilo of trash from the Chao Phraya River for each of its bookings.

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