Eye-catching hexagonal buildings go up in a snap – no glue or welding required

Categories: Homes / Dwellings

The Open Architecture team has really outdone themselves with the HEX-SYS modular building system. The system itself is a modular, hexagonal building system that resembles an umbrella. However, the umbrella shape is inverted, and acts as a rainwater collection system, with the panels—made from glass or anodized aluminum—as the catchment, and the center column as the funnel. These systems can be erected without the need of welding, glue, or any other special building adhesive. It’s quite literally a “snap together” concept and can be used for offices, housing, showrooms, or any other applicable structure.

The HEX-SYS modular building system, designed by Open Architecture, is perfect for building temporary architecture that can be easily moved and adapted. In this instance, the design team used the system to build a showroom for a real estate developer in Guangzhou, China, made of 40-square-meter HEX-SYS modules topped with umbrella-like roof elements.

The showroom, designed for real estate giant Vanke and located close to the new Guangzhou South Railway Station, functions as a standalone temporary structure which features enclosed modules clad in either glass or anodized aluminim panels. It supports roofs shaped like inverted umbrellas made of aluminum panels and slatted screens that filter sunlight.

“What is interesting about this project is that the modular construction means that when you put it up again in a different site it can form a different configuration,” said Li Hu, founding partner at Open Architecture.

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