This Home Is Being Given Away For $1.00 To Whoever Wants It!

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Yes, it's absolutely true, the only catch?  Well, you have to take it with you!


The History:In the mid-1880s, dry-goods merchant William Sweatt left rural Iowa to seek his fortune. He headed west, settling in Riverside, where he found success early, serving as the director of a bank and then opening a furniture business. This lavish Queen Anne, which he built with his wife, Nettie, in 1891, was to serve as a testament to just how far he'd come in the few short years since leaving home. Sadly, the good times didn't last; Sweatt's business collapsed in 1894, and he and Nettie divorced in 1897. Left alone in the 4,878-square-foot house, she divided it into apartments before moving to Los Angeles in 1902. Since then, the house has had over a dozen owners. In 2008, the city bought it so that it could be relocated and restored. But the city failed to find the funds to move the house and decided to offer the place to anyone willing to move it within Riverside, which would allow a local college to expand onto the lot.

Shown:The five-bedroom, four-bath house has a detailed exterior with decorative clapboard siding, a turret, and patterned brick chimneys.

Price:$1 (must be moved)
Location:Riverside, California


At $1 each, two shabby but spacious Victorian homes for sale in Riverside sound cheap. It’s the required investment of time and perhaps hundreds of thousands of renovation dollars that will really cost you.

The city of Riverside has been trying to unload the homes for more than two years but has had no takers despite the rock-bottom price.

The problem hasn’t been lack of interest. One woman even called from New York asking if she could move the house to Seattle, Riverside deputy development director Emilio Ramirez said. No dice – the homes must stay within city limits.

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