Young couple quit jobs to build this glass house for $500

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After months of work, the home was completed in December. On what was once a pile of old windows and a patch of wooded land stood a beautiful glass building. Though there is no plumbing or electricity, the two artists said they enjoy the space as an escape.

Horwitz described her favorite time of day inside the home as the “nighttime sun” – just as dusk falls.

“That’s when everything inside is on fire,” she said.

Olson said he’s awestruck when the sun goes down.

at night


“The house is an experience at night,” Olson said. “The fireflies start at the ground and merge to the stars up above. It’s really like you’re sleeping under the stars.” 

Someday Olson and Horwitz hope to build onto the home and add an outdoor kitchen, solar power and a wood-burning stove, they said. But for now, the Milwaukee-based couple said, they’ll enjoy the home as a picturesque retreat.

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